07.09.2018 - 30.09.2018

Color or the lack of color is crucial to our perception of the environments around us. Whether a color comes from nature or is synthetically produced, it is how we understand and associate sensations like touch and taste, or emotions like joy and frustration. Color has inspired the architect, the fashion desig- ner, the scientist, and even dictated trends throughout time.
Over the past six months these three artists communicated almost every day from three very different places; New York City, Danbury, Connecticut, and the small village of Lysgaard just South of Viborg Den- mark. They shared images rich in colors that they observed on the city streets, in nature or on social media. They used “The Anatomy Of Color”, by Patrick Baty, which outlines the history of paint, color systems, and the use of color in interior spaces, as a launching pad
to exchange ideas about how color related to the sculptures and functional objects they were making.

Early on in the collaboration they decided to make color the unifying focus of the exhibition as it was already an important element in the work of all three. Their energetic correspondence led to a growing three way friendship, as well as enthusiastic support for each other in their studio practice as they devel- oped works for this exhibition. Their aim is that it brings it’s viewers some of the ”joy” they feel about color.

All artists will be present at the opening on September 7. 16.00 -18.00 oclock Special happening at the opening by musician Annemette Juul Pedersen